It all started from a friend, a colleague, a peer . . .
From being bored with the same routine, from plateauing time and time again . . .
I wanted to get healthy, I wanted people around me who cared . . .

They called it constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity . . .

It's about taking the first step -

It's called CrossFit and I friggin' love it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surprise Yourself

Initial reactions to 12.4 included the following:"150 what?"
"Karen plus wha. . . .?"
"Yeah if I make it to the double-unders"
"Gonna try for. . ."

Setting an expectation and not hitting it sometimes makes us doubt ourselves in future endeavors, especially when we want something so bad that we can taste it.  With the CrossFit Opens WOD 12.4 (Season 2012 - Open Workout 4), many people were surprised at how their bodies felt going into the workout - and some fell short (cough, cough - me) of what they thought they were capable of, but I am okay with it, I applied myself to the best of my ability and my quads were feeling it for days to come.  Thanks to Kelly Starrett and, bouncing back has been better than it has in the past. 

But today, and tomorrow, and going forward - surprise yourself by pushing yourself to limits unknown with the following (in order):

Technique - The most important piece, but why?  Technique can make the difference between a 75 lb snatch and a 100 lb snatch.  Understanding the mechanics of a movement can minimize the amount of actual strength required to perform most complex movements.

Consistency - In the face of adversity (yourself and time) can you perform your technique over and over again in the same fashion?  My favorite term (coined), is rinse and repeat - and although most movements aren't simple enough to encapsulate this phrase, it is as simple as doing it correctly the first time and doing the same thing (Rich Froning 12.2 anyone?).

Intensity - Congratulations on getting the first two pieces down, now comes the hard part.  Ramp up your internal engine (or for those with military background - intestinal fortitude) and it's time to work to accomplish what you started.

It's almost time for the last workout . . .

Prepare For Take Off:
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Surprise yourself, where do you want to land?
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- Coach Tony

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