It all started from a friend, a colleague, a peer . . .
From being bored with the same routine, from plateauing time and time again . . .
I wanted to get healthy, I wanted people around me who cared . . .

They called it constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity . . .

It's about taking the first step -

It's called CrossFit and I friggin' love it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Do I Have To Do Today?!?!?

Your crazy - run a ton, lift a lot - this is an every day occurrence and it makes us feel good.

Not for time, but for weight.

Not for time, but for technique.

Guess what happens when you get technique . . . .weight will come.  Guess what happens when you get weight . . .time will come.

The challenge is getting away from the mindset that potentially you may be thinking, "Didn't we do something like that . . . "

Who cares?  We aren't experts, we haven't mastered it.  In fact, no one has, that is why they continue to call it practice.

Arnold Palmer just recorded his 20th hole in one, pretty sure that took practice and doing drills over and over again.

Sure that's a specialty, well our specialty happens to be CrossFit. 

For example, take a look at Strongman Instructor and expert, Rob Orlando.  Rest assure that man is working everyday on at least one strongman movement. 

So our focus happens to be on Olympic Lifting . . .

Snatch, Clean & Jerk, there is so much to them that it isn't even funny.  Front Squats, Overhead Squats, Deadlifts . . .

Pushing and pulling like there is no tomorrow, and guess what?  They are all dynamic - and quick.

Get used to doing the movement, it is going to be here for awhile.  And be patient, nobody becomes an expert after 20 min.

- Coach Tony

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
Motto of U.S. Navy Seals

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