It all started from a friend, a colleague, a peer . . .
From being bored with the same routine, from plateauing time and time again . . .
I wanted to get healthy, I wanted people around me who cared . . .

They called it constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity . . .

It's about taking the first step -

It's called CrossFit and I friggin' love it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't Dog It

Why make a workout any harder than it already is?  I can’t tell you how many times the negative thoughts that individuals have all of a sudden come as sounds out of their mouth.   “This is gonna take forever” and “Why is this like this” sound like whining and complaining at the same time.  Fitness may be misconstrued as easy when you purchase a Shake-weight or some other made for TV product, but no one ever mentioned that CrossFit was easy.  The hardest part about any exercise program – making the time for it and having the motivation and intestinal fortitude to show up.

A member came in late for one of the classes last night, he missed the morning because of work, late for the workout because of work, and yet still he looked at me, knowing he was going to have to do burpees and smiled saying, “I came because I wanna kick my own ass.”  I say words to live by.  First, don’t fart around and be late to class, the people who coach you want to see you succeed, if you don’t at the very least show up, it’s going to be hard for you to do it on your own.  Second, we need you to pay attention, if you listen, you will learn, if you know it all, ask questions, more insight into your technique allows you to be more infallible.  Third, negativity is like the plague, no one wants it, if you start to hear that voice in your head, don’t knock yourself out trying to get it out, be creative.

There is a particular Coach who was grunting and groaning because he was sore.  Heavy lifting, met-cons, and Gymnastics etc, on a three day on, one day off schedule (Sound familiar CrossFitters?) will do that to you, a majority of the people in classes are sore, but in order for him to get his mind in the game and off his body, he starts to yell and scream, literally.  And while sometimes entertaining and sometimes not, it’s his way of getting in the zone.  You need to find your way of getting in the zone.  

You are going to start, have started, or have been doing CrossFit for a long period of time.  You know that it is completely scalable – meaning we aren’t gonna throw 500 lbs on a barbell and expect you to deadlift it or have you do a 100 muscle-ups for time.  Start by understanding the technique, there are Nine Foundational Movements, and the last two days of workouts have been exceptional at portraying athlete’s weaknesses.  They also gave a very solid portrayal of what midline stabilization is.   The midline, Coach Glassman explains, is the “line that trisects the spine and bisects the pelvis.” He goes on to say that “Maintaining rigidity while engaged in functional movement is the essence of midline stabilization. This is the standing definition of core strength, of which abs and ab strength is but a portion.”   The last two days had the following movements:  Deadlift, Push-up, Hang Power Clean, Front Squat, and Push Press.  In two days time, if you were at our CrossFit box, you hit 3 of Nine Foundational Movements.  Chances are, they got even more difficult to perform towards the end of the workout, a testament to the strength of your midline and your ability to perform the movements effectively. 

Today may be your rest day, maybe tomorrow, but get back on the horse.  The goals you have are written down right?  Your friend, colleague, peer, or Coach is holding you accountable right?  Nothing gives me a better feeling than seeing an athlete accomplish a workout, be gasping for air and trying to smile while holding back the hurt and throbbing that is occurring in their body and them saying thank you.  But what’s more rewarding to me is the thank you I can bestow upon them, 1) For showing up and 2) I know they gave it their all, they did the work, I just helped and encouraged along the way.

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.”
- Jim Stovall

-Coach Tony

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